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Cybernet Ventures LimitedUKCZ is a trading name of Cybernet Ventures Limited, an award winning company established in 1999. It is a service borne of frustration after using, and often being abused by, many other hosting companies…

We established UKCZ in 2007 to provide the service we had so often found other hosting companies failed to provide for us, despite their promises. That may sound like an odd reason to create a new service, but our bad experiences with hosting companies started almost as soon as we started creating our own websites.

Back then it was already difficult to obtain good domain names, but we were the first to register, with the intention of creating a comparison shopping search engine. Unfortunately, the hosting company we chose to use not only failed to provide the service they advertised, but also later stole the domain name and used it for themselves.

Undaunted, we found another hosting company to help register our domain names and provide hosting for them. Their service was adequate but, as our websites grew more complex, we soon found that the server configurations were too basic to run them. We then moved on to using managed servers, which were more expensive but promised to provide the flexibility we increasingly required. By now we had turned one of our websites into a popular UK search engine, so it was essential that our hosting could cope with high demand, but we soon discovered that it couldn't, despite being managed by one of the leading domain registration and hosting companies in Europe.

Finally, we found a hosting company in the USA who, after thorough testing, demonstrated that they would be ideal for our needs. We transferred all our domains to them from the previous company and all was well for a few months. That was until the domain name for our search engine, and the domain which we had owned for seven continuous years, suddenly started displaying somebody else's content. The previous company hadn't transferred our domain names at all, they had simply switched the DNS to our new hosting company, and once payment was required to maintain the registration they took control of the domains without notifying us.

Seven years hard work, and more importantly our unique domain names had been lost, and we had paid tens of thousands of Pounds for the 'privilege' too!

UKCZ is a different kind of hosting company
"How hard can it possibly be to provide cheap, honest, reliable hosting and domain registration?" we asked. "Quite hard" came the reply from hundreds of people who had similar tales of woe with their hosting companies.

So we set about creating a new hosting company. One which didn't charge the earth, but had servers properly configured to enable almost anything you wanted to run on them to actually work as you expected. Shared hosting which came with the sort of control panel normally reserved for dedicated hosting. Domain registration where we didn't play tricks with your domains and respected your ownership of them. is that service.